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  • Good Project, Bad Project

    The secret to writing good automated tests is to be a good software designer. It sounds trivial - but the sad fact is that more often than not the attempt to implement test automation falls due to poor software design where people are struggling with...
    Posted 11-08-2010 by Martin Jul with 1 comment(s) (0 Views)
  • Tweetable Code - Introducing Docjure for Succintly Reading and Writing Spreadsheets

    How would you like to be able to SMS or tweet your Excel data-crunching code? With Docjure, it is possible: (->> (load-workbook "spreadsheet.xlsx") (select-sheet "Price List") (select-columns {:A :name, :B :price})) This reads...
    Posted 30-07-2010 by Martin Jul with no comments (0 Views)
  • How Scrum Reduces Rework

    I was talking to a group of project managers today in one of our inspiration meetings. One of the inspiring questions that came up was related to why we should use Scrum or agile methods. One short answer is this: if we routinely plan to spend 1/3 of...
    Posted 25-03-2010 by Martin Jul with 3 comment(s) (0 Views)
  • Reboot Your Management

    How would you rebuild a country after a world war? How would you reboot your management? This was the topic for my presentation at the Reboot conference. It concerned Deming's 14 principles for management, the humanistic, long-term thinking, keep...
    Posted 26-06-2009 by Martin Jul with no comments (0 Views)
  • What is a Truly Lean Company? - Deming Distilled

    Deming 's work is the foundation of the Toyota Production System and modern-day lean. I recently conducted a workshop his 14 points for management . One exercise was to group them to get to their essence. Here is the the result: “Practise engaged...
    Posted 07-05-2009 by Martin Jul with no comments (0 Views)
  • New Lean Reading List: Shingo Prize Winners Announced

    The recipient's of this year's Shingo Prize have been announced . The Research and Professional Publication Prize category is a great reading list for new lean books: Steven Spear - Chasing the Rabbit . A book on how to catch up with your lean...
    Posted 31-03-2009 by Martin Jul with no comments (0 Views)
  • Improve your IT-organisation with Deming's 14 points

    I have written an introduction to Deming's 14 points and how they can help you improve your IT-organisation. It is a 15-page PDF in Danish. You can download it here: Ud af krisen -
    Posted 12-12-2008 by Martin Jul with 4 comment(s) (278 Views)
  • Out of the Crisis - Deming's 14 Points

    In a time where so many are excusing their failure with externalities and saying "it's the crisis" we need leadership and entrepreneurship more than ever. We are in a time of creative destruction and it is precisely these moments that offer...
    Posted 05-11-2008 by Martin Jul with 2 comment(s) (930 Views)
  • The 14 Most Common Project Management Mistakes of and How To Avoid Them

    The Danish Computerworld magazine had a few pages on the 14 most common mistakes of project management recently. It is very illuminating to see how agile practices target these mistakes and help avoid them. 1. The project does not have the right people...
    Posted 06-09-2008 by Martin Jul with 3 comment(s) (1.530 Views)
  • How to Improve Your Development Process Using Factory Physics

    There are only three types of buffers: extra capacity, extra inventory and extra time. This is one of the great take-aways from Factory Physics that I have frequently quoted since Thomas Blomseth introduced me to it on our lean study-tour to Japan earlier...
    Posted 21-07-2008 by Martin Jul with no comments (1.741 Views)
  • Learning TPS from Toyota in Nagoya

    One of the high points of my recent Japan excursion was visiting the Toyota factory in Nagoya. We did a factory tour and meet with Keiichi Fukunaga, the manager of Toyota's department for teaching the Toyota Production System to other companies. One...
    Posted 05-06-2008 by Martin Jul with 4 comment(s) (1.977 Views)
  • What's Your Favourite Lean Books?

    People often ask me about recommendations for the must-read books for lean and agile software development. Here is a list of some of my favourite lean books: W. Edwards Deming - the grand old man of the field, building on a strict statistical discipline...
    Posted 11-02-2008 by Martin Jul with 2 comment(s) (3.339 Views)
  • Beyond The Valley Of Tears

    Sabine Canditt of Siemens showed an interesting curve for Scrum implementation in her excellent ScrumGathering presentation in London recently. It shows how introducing the Scrum initially creates chaos and then stabilizes with a quiz success and good...
    Posted 07-01-2008 by Martin Jul with no comments (3.121 Views)
  • Scrum Gathering, Fall 2007 – Open space

    The Open space on the last day (Friday) of the Scrum Gathering 2007 offered many interesting sessions and discussions. Two of these sessions were: “Product Owner practices – prioritizing backlog items isn’t enough!” and “Integration Teams (from Scrum...
    Posted 20-11-2007 by Kim Horn with no comments (3.463 Views)
  • Variation And Waste - The Case for Frequent Delivery

    Imagine you are in an organisation with a one-year release cycle and you miss your annual deadline by one minute. The cost? A one-year delay. Now, try to invent a control system to ensure that we avoid this kind of delay. You would probably add some middle...
    Posted 24-10-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (3.587 Views)
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