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  • JAOO 2007 - Uncle Bob, Agile on the Mainframe, Jazz and Intentional Software

    Robert C. Martin did the opening keynote with the title “Clean Code II – Craftsmanship and Ethics” . As always Uncle Bob is an inspiring speaker and the keynote was a good kick start of the conference – why we are here. Some of his well-known issues to...
    Posted 30-09-2007 by Kim Horn with 1 comment(s) (4.877 Views)
  • The TDD Controversy - JAOO 2007

    TDD will ruin your architecture! When Jim Coplien said this in his presentation about Scrum and Architecture at the JAOO 2007 conference he really got people's attention. His statement sparked one of the most passionate debates at the conference....
    Posted 28-09-2007 by Martin Jul with 9 comment(s) (12.210 Views)
  • Jaoo 2007

    We're off to Jaoo 2007 next week. We are bringing some poker planning cards and some "I O Scrum" t-shirts, please give us a hint if you are interested. Every day we will post a summery from the sessions of the day.
    Posted 24-09-2007 by Kim Horn with no comments (4.018 Views)
  • Bye, bye, "Done, but" - The Flat Organisation and Enterprise Scrum

    Lean organisations tend to be very flat with few layers of management. They rely on self-organisation and leadership. In this context, then, what is the role of the middle layers in the organisation? This is one of the points Ken Schwaber addresses in...
    Posted 17-09-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (4.800 Views)
  • Implementing Scrum in the Enterprise - Agile 2007 Day Four

    Ken Schwaber has been working on enterprise-wide Scrum implementations recently. In his session today he shared his experiences and offered a roadmap for the process. First off all there is no "Enterprise Scrum" - it is the same simple, empirical...
    Posted 17-08-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (4.826 Views)
  • Corporate Judo - Guerilla Tactics For Agile Transformation - Agile 2007 Day Three

    Today, we did a Discovery Session at Agile 2007 . The topic? How do we implement agile. We worked in five teams that each created a roadmap for implementing agile based on their experience and their role in the organisation: management, team and customer...
    Posted 16-08-2007 by Martin Jul with 2 comment(s) (6.620 Views)
  • Impressions From Agile 2007 - Day Two

    Dave Thomas told about his experience with large-scale agile projects. His take on plans: The Plan is really just The Best Wrong Answer Having said that however, he also noted that he had a very good track record with hitting the shipping dates - the...
    Posted 15-08-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (4.200 Views)
  • Impressions From Agile 2007 - Day 1

    Finally, the biggest agile event of the year is under way! We have a big Danish delegation here this year - other than Ative we have met people from Bankdata, BRFkredit, GoAgile, BestBrains, NDS, Systematics here. Agile Metrics The first day of the conference...
    Posted 14-08-2007 by Martin Jul with 1 comment(s) (4.534 Views)
  • Meet us at Agile 2007

    We're off to Agile 2007 next week where I will be hosting a Discovery Session on how to go about implementing agile practises. It is called " Corporate Judo - Guerilla Tactics for Agile Transition ". If you are interested in this topic and...
    Posted 06-08-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (4.043 Views)
  • Planning Poker

    Estimation and planning is an essential part of development, even for agile projects. We have all seen lots of worthless plans, that many in fact that we are tempted to throw planning out altogether. Estimation does not need to be boring, it does not...
    Posted 02-08-2007 by Jan Elbæk with 1 comment(s) (4.875 Views)
  • Dijkstra on Software Quality

    "The vision is that, well before the end of the seventies have run to completion, we shall be able to design and implement the kind of systems that are now straining our programming ability at the expense of only a few percent in man-years of what...
    Posted 06-06-2007 by Martin Jul with no comments (3.402 Views)
  • Retrospectives - Adapting to Reality

    Accelerated learning or "Inspect and adapt" is one of the key lean principles. It is the central feedback loop that keeps our work in sync with the real world. In agile one of the ways to do this by performing a "retrospective" at...
    Posted 20-05-2007 by Martin Jul with 2 comment(s) (7.523 Views)
  • “Implementing Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course”, by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    Having attended the two day “Implementing Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course” , I encourage you to join Mary and Toms classes or speeches if you get the chance, they are very inspiring and their knowledge about lean and agile are amazing...
    Posted 10-05-2007 by Kim Horn with no comments (2.861 Views)
  • Impressions From Our Lean/Agile Dinner with Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    This Tuesday we hosted a dinner for the Danish Agile User Group with Mary and Tom Poppendieck in the great Restaurant Grønnegade . The charming old house from 1689 with its modern European slow-food set the stage for an evening of great conversation...
    Posted 26-04-2007 by Martin Jul with 4 comment(s) (3.087 Views)
  • Iterative Development Gone Wrong - The Mini-Waterfall Anti-Pattern

    One of the frequent mistakes in transitioning to agile development is to implement iterative development by doing consecutive "mini-waterfalls". No matter how iterative it might be, if you are relying on the "W"-word, you are still...
    Posted 18-03-2007 by Martin Jul with 3 comment(s) (5.970 Views)
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