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We're off to Agile 2007 next week where I will be hosting a Discovery Session on how to go about implementing agile practises. It is called "Corporate Judo - Guerilla Tactics for Agile Transition". If you are interested in this topic and would like to share your experience to identify patterns for going agile, please join us there. It is on Wednesday at 16:00 in Meeting Room 2.

Here's the abstract:

How do we become better change agents? In the agile community we have all "seen the light." We know all the things that are broken in traditional IT organizations. We also know all the solutions. Yet for some reason we are not very efficient at making the transition happen - and even when we manage to change things for the better the organizations often revert to their old ways when we leave. In this workshop, we will work in groups and draw on our experience to identify the best "corporate judo moves": those that make the agile change happen, and make it stick.

Also, we would like are to meet our blog friends while we are there. If you are interested, please contact me at

Published aug 06 2007, 11:33 by Martin Jul
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