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  • Reboot Your Management

    How would you rebuild a country after a world war? How would you reboot your management?

    This was the topic for my presentation at the Reboot conference.

    It concerned Deming's 14 principles for management, the humanistic, long-term thinking, keep learning, use the scientific method, and build from quality philosophy, that helped shape companies such as Toyota and Honda..

    Researching the background of his work, it was interesting to see how the World-War 2 Training Within Industry principles played a big role in shaping his ideas and how its focus on operating from a basis of scarcity - such as saving material, time and labour to win the war faster, plays so well in an entrepreneurial setting and in cutting through the big-company trap of just throwing more money at problems.

    The slides from the presentation are in English and I have posted them for download and comments here:

    Read more Reboot stuff:

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