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  • Scrum Gathering, Fall 2007 – Open space

    The Open space on the last day (Friday) of the Scrum Gathering 2007 offered many interesting sessions and discussions. Two of these sessions were: Product Owner practices prioritizing backlog items isnt enough! and Integration Teams (from Scrum in the Enterprise) I just dont get it!   The product owner role Scrum has been ...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Kim Horn on 11-20-2007
  • JAOO 2007 - Uncle Bob, Agile on the Mainframe, Jazz and Intentional Software

    Robert C. Martin did the opening keynote with the title Clean Code II Craftsmanship and Ethics. As always Uncle Bob is an inspiring speaker and the keynote was a good kick start of the conference why we are here. Some of his well-known issues to focus on and improve: Discipline Short iterations Dont wait for definition: The customer ...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Kim Horn on 09-30-2007
  • Jaoo 2007

    We're off to Jaoo 2007 next week. We are bringing some poker planning cards and some "I O Scrum" t-shirts, please give us a hint if you are interested. Every day we will post a summery from the sessions of the day.
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Kim Horn on 09-24-2007
  • “Implementing Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course”, by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    Having attended the two day Implementing Lean Software Development:  Practitioners Course, I encourage you to join Mary and Toms classes or speeches if you get the chance, they are very inspiring and their knowledge about lean and agile are amazing.  Mary and Tom have done a great job in transforming Lean principles from the ...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Kim Horn on 05-10-2007
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