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  • Iterative Development Gone Wrong - The Mini-Waterfall Anti-Pattern

    One of the frequent mistakes in transitioning to agile development is to implement iterative development by doing consecutive "mini-waterfalls". No matter how iterative it might be, if you are relying on the "W"-word, you are still doing something wrong. When we postpone testing and...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 03-18-2007
  • Going Agile - Setting a Minimal Professional Standard

    Many agile processes are just that: Processes. However, one of the keys to success that is often overlooked is the technical project infrastructure, and the discipline and craftsmanship required by the team. While agile is lightweight it also sets the entry level for professional standards higher than...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 12-10-2006
  • Why Acceptance Tests Matter

    While consulting on a migration project I was refactoring the way to load country reference data when I noticed some oddities in the business rules for formatting phone and fax numbers. I had changed from loading based on hard-coded country codes to using an Enum and mapping it to the correct instance...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 10-06-2006
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