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  • Lean Principle Number 1 - Eliminate Waste

    The key principle in lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste. The Toyota Production System names seven major sources of waste. Mary and Tom Poppendieck list these in their book Lean Software Development - an Agile Toolkit (Addison-Wesley, 2003) with the translation to software development: The Seven...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-18-2007
  • Refactoring The Physical Workspace

    Agile development is all about stacking the deck in favour of success. We continuously adapt the application and process to improve it. In code, this is called refactoring - rearranging the parts to a simpler, more manageable form. But it does not end here. You should refactor your workspace, too. We...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 10-13-2006
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