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  • “Implementing Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course”, by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    Having attended the two day “Implementing Lean Software Development: Practitioners Course” , I encourage you to join Mary and Toms classes or speeches if you get the chance, they are very inspiring and their knowledge about lean and agile are amazing. Mary and Tom have done a great job in transforming...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Kim Horn on 05-10-2007
  • Impressions From Our Lean/Agile Dinner with Mary and Tom Poppendieck

    This Tuesday we hosted a dinner for the Danish Agile User Group with Mary and Tom Poppendieck in the great Restaurant Grønnegade . The charming old house from 1689 with its modern European slow-food set the stage for an evening of great conversation about the state and future of lean and agile...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 04-26-2007
  • Iterative Development Gone Wrong - The Mini-Waterfall Anti-Pattern

    One of the frequent mistakes in transitioning to agile development is to implement iterative development by doing consecutive "mini-waterfalls". No matter how iterative it might be, if you are relying on the "W"-word, you are still doing something wrong. When we postpone testing and...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 03-18-2007
  • The Five Whys of Lean

    Root cause problem resolution is one of the core practises in agile. If the engine requires new oil every 500 km we don't just top it up with oil. We fix the engine. Adding oil is just a hack that leaves technical debt in the system and slows down our journey. It reduces our sustainable pace. Good...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 02-20-2007
  • Why Going Faster Matters

    I did a talk on Value Stream Mapping from Lean last Thursday at the Danish Agile User Group meeting (slides in Danish are available at (registration required)). One of the many interesting questions that came up was why faster is better ...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 02-04-2007
  • The Waste of Defects - Bugs are Stop-the-Line Issues

    "Don't clean it, " my grandmother used to say; "keep it clean.". She probably learned it long before the computer era. Yet for some reason her advice did not spread to the software industry. We still have a tendency to build up a big mess and put off cleaning it up until much...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-29-2007
  • Lean Principle Number 1 - Eliminate Waste

    The key principle in lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste. The Toyota Production System names seven major sources of waste. Mary and Tom Poppendieck list these in their book Lean Software Development - an Agile Toolkit (Addison-Wesley, 2003) with the translation to software development: The Seven...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-18-2007
  • Lean Software Development

    Today the lean meme is in every business newspaper. It has been a long time coming. Some companies like Toyota have lived these principles since the 1950s when their lack of capital forced them to improve their production processes radically. In the West it appeared on the radar with the books by Womack...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-08-2007
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