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  • Beyond The Valley Of Tears

    Sabine Canditt of Siemens showed an interesting curve for Scrum implementation in her excellent ScrumGathering presentation in London recently. It shows how introducing the Scrum initially creates chaos and then stabilizes with a quiz success and good motivation. This is when the team gets into the rhythm...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-07-2008
  • The Waste of Defects - Bugs are Stop-the-Line Issues

    "Don't clean it, " my grandmother used to say; "keep it clean.". She probably learned it long before the computer era. Yet for some reason her advice did not spread to the software industry. We still have a tendency to build up a big mess and put off cleaning it up until much...
    Posted to Ative at Work (Weblog) by Martin Jul on 01-29-2007
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